What I Think You Should Do This Weekend...

…why would you even listen to me? I don't know, I mean, who do I think I am?

Well, I'm a guy who saw Neighbors a few weeks ago, so there's that.

And in case you were wondering, I think you should go see it. I'm sure by now you know the premise but in case you have no Idea what I'm talking about - here's the trailer:

Still don't know what it's about? Here's the rundown: a young family buys a house and shortly thereafter a frat buys the house next door and moves in. One thing leads to another and soon the family is trying to get the frat shut down and frat is trying to make the family's lives hell.

You should know: It's very funny. Every escalation of the feud gets laughs, there's a comedic fight that comes close to rivaling the fight in Pineapple Express, and the party scenes are so kinetic and fun looking that it made me feel like I wish could go to one... but I know that if I could I'd be the weird old guy at a college frat party.

Character depth as well as plot development are rooted in of a multitude of fears that people of those transitional periods of their lives have- What do I do now? Does this mean anything? Are you really my friend? Am I old? Am I old now? What do I do if I sink every thing I have into a house and it becomes worthless? What do I do with this baby? 

 Lots has already been said about how perfect Zac Efron and Seth Rogen are in their roles, and they are. The roles seem tailor made for them. I'd give MVP to Rose Byrne though, she's really effing funny, there are a few scenes where she get laughs without even saying a word, and I really liked that her character isn't a generic "disapproving housewife" to Seth's character. Rose's character rolls up her proverbial sleeves, gets in there and does what needs to be done to try and get rid of the frat.

Go see it, let me know what you think.


If you find yourself in your home or car with about 45 minutes to kill - do your ears a favor and stream The Black Keys new album from iTunes or go to their website and follow the iTunes link there.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 5.57.57 PM.png

I've been listening to it for a few days now and I'm really into it. It's like the perfect music for a night time drive. Windows down, if it's warm enough … and not raining. 

Danger Mouse is back as a producer. He has worked with the band a few times before but he also produced, one of my all time favorites, Broken Bells' first album. I bring it up because some dudes on NPR said you can hear a Broken Bells-esq quality to the songs, after hearing them say that and listening to the songs it does seem like those NPR guys may be a little bit right. Either that or those shady mother effers from NPR pulled a fast one on me.

Anyway, the songs sound great, there's quite a bit of variety on the album, a couple of tracks have kind of a spacey sound to them and I mean that in the best way possible, almost like a sexy, spacey quality. Those have been my favorites so far. Couldn't tell you what tracks specifically because to be honest, streaming the album has been kind of a pain in the ass. The only reason I say that is because you can't select which tracks to play, you just have to play it start to finish. As I said, if you've got 45 min, it's worth it. Album comes out on Tues.


Ok, I haven't seen Chef but friends of mine that I trust have seen it and really enjoyed it. So if food porn is your thing then by all means, go for it.  Written, directed and starring Jon Favreau - it's about a chef who quits his job to run his own food truck (I guess, I don't know, I haven't seen it, I just said that). It looks like it's got a good cast. I'm gonna try and check it out. I like Favreau (Swingers!) and despite being a super picky eater I'm fascinated by chefs. I mean hooked: Bordain's shows, his books, Top Chef, David Chang's Mind of a Chef, there was even a crazy Eric Ripert show on Esquire that I watched for a while. I'm off track - here's the trailer:

If you see it let me know what you think of it.


Well there you go, I think you should do 1 or all 3 of these things.  And call your mom on Sunday.