5 Reasons Why Kevin Spacey Kicks Ass.

These days most of us know Kevin as Frank Underwood from House of Cards, we've all spent roughly 26 hours watching it on Netflix. If you haven't watched it yet quit stalling and join the human race.  Also, if Kevin Spacey is ONLY the dude from House of Cards to you, Google him. He's won a Tony, 2 Oscars and he's been nominated for Grammy and multiple Emmys. 

Reason #1

He's in the next Call of Duty! This game looks exciting as hell and I'm super excited to play it. Now, do me a favor and listen to Spacey's monologue again. 

Really listen to it.

Yes, the writing seems a little dramatic but it's a bad guy bent on world domination in a video game so we expect it to be that way. But Spacey crushes it, he makes something that could feel very flat and one dimensional feel fully realized and nuanced.

Movie stars doing voices in video games is nothing new: Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, John Goodman, Sam Jackson, Ray Liotta - the list goes on. Ellen Page did some mo-cap for a game, Kiefer Sutherland is reportedly doing a little mo-cap for his performance as Snake (hot button topic, I know) but this fall we'll get Kevin Spacey starring in a Call of Duty game! So many questions! Can we play as Kevin Spacey? Can we shoot at Kevin Spacey? Will Frank Underwood play Kevin Spacey's game in a scene of House of Cards?

Reason #2

Aside from being the guy who's always talking to the camera on that Netflix show he's also seriously respected in the theatre world. He's done some of the greats by Ibsen, O'Neill, and even won a Tony in '91 for Neil Simon's Lost in Yonkers. He's also been the Artistic Director at The Old Vic Theatre in London for just over a decade. In 2011 Spacey and his troupe of British and American actors put on a production of Shakespeare's Richard III, directed by Sam Mendes, and then took it on the road for 10 months. This play is a monster, Richard (Spacey, obviously) is on stage for like 95% of the production and has physical maladies like none other - a hunchback, a club foot, and an effed up hand (I believe that's the technical term.) Full disclosure: I have only seen clips of the performance but even without having seen the full show I know what a beast this play is because I've read it. I also know Spacey got rave reviews because I have access to the internet.

I appreciate the magic of live theatre so … respect, Kevin Spacey. If you're a diehard theatre junkie you can go to Kevinspacey.com and watch Now: The Film, Now In the Wings on a World Stage which documents the production, the company, and their travels. Here's the trailer.

In the trailer Kevin said he hasn't worked with Sam Mendes in a decade, since American Beauty. That brings us to.

Reason #3

He is a boss actor. Remember American Beauty? Sure we all make fun of the trash-bag-blowing-in-the-wind scene but Spacey was solid, he won his second Oscar for it. American Beauty capped off a 5 year period of really outstanding film work by Spacey. It started with Swimming with Sharks, then The Usual Suspects (for which he won his first Oscar), Se7en and LA Confidential (clinching his second Oscar). If you haven't seen any of these films I suggest you watch them - they're fantastic.

Reason #4

Spacey does great impressions- I'm just gonna throw this out there, one of my favorite SNL sketches: 

I had to get that video from Russia's youtube.

Reason #5

He's a great talk show guest. He does some impressions, he tells a good story, and every now and then he'll sing a little something - like on Fallon last week.

There you go. 5 reasons why, for the time being, I'm buying whatever Kevin Spacey is selling.

However, if I meet him and he's a jerk I'll burn this post to the ground and never look back.