Well, I had a whole post about some of the geeky headlines from the last few days.

It had the Avengers dinner photo that RDJ tweeted. I wittily noticed that they all ate all of their food, Sam Jackson isn't paying attention and Mark Ruffalo didn't lean in enough prompting Joss to call him out on twitter. 

I had the photo of the cast of Star Wars. I said that while it's all very exciting that the original gang is back together my favorite thing about the photo was that it looked like a photo from a Star Wars coffee table book that came out 30 years ago.

I had links to stories about the Netflix Daredevil series (it'll take place in the MCU, big whoop now) and Zack Snyder being confirmed to direct a Justice League movie for after Superman Vs Batman for 2018 (it'll make a billion dollars even if it's only half good).

One of the stories I was most excited about was that Seth MacFarlane and Jonathan Ames are going to be doing a comedy series for Starz starring Patrick Stewart about a British journalist who comes to America to take over, television, I guess. Ames was responsible for Bored to Death on HBO, a show I really enjoyed. Starz was responsible for Party Down, another show I really enjoyed. So I'm really looking forward to this seeing how this comes together. I made a joke about how MacFarlane and Stewart are working together so frequently Ian Mckellen is start getting jealous.

And finally, I was trying to embed a video of Martin Freeman (Fargo, Sherlock) giving people advice. It was funny if you like Freeman. Anyway I was trying to embed the video from GQ's blog when the whole thing went a awry and the entire post deleted itself because I moved my fingers wrong on a fucking Apple mouse. So now you have this; an angry, bitter, dejected description of what could have been. Hope you enjoyed it.

I won't let you beat me!!

That was exhausting.